Alween stole the tricos


gee, it’s a real shame that I can’t BEND THE POWER OF THE ELEMENTS THEMSELVES TO MY WILL or anything


I hope it’s the announcement of Guild Wars 3

I have a feeling it’s not gonna be so unforgettable

casually takes it out on my characters tbh
usually poor Alween tbh


Forsaken Fortune, Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

I was gonna color this and then post it but fuck me lel


Dear Tyrians - guess what is this upcoming weekend? 


What is Extra Life, you say?
There is more Information here!

From 8 AM Saturday to 8 AM Sunday, come join us at the Tyrian Charity Foundation for 24 hours of gaming to help raise money for local children’s hospitals! 

Just like how the Seraph need help with tending to the wounded in Dry Top, we here at the Tyrian Charity Foundation are looking for donations to help children in need. No, not at the Queen’s Heart Orphanage. At Children’s Medical Hospitals all across the states!

Who is the Tyrian Charity Foundation? We’re gamers from across the globe, primarily Guild Wars 2 players, who are raising money. So quit killing those Elder Dragons and come in for a whisper.

Each of us has chosen our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital where thousands of children are treated each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few.

On October 25th, 2014, we (along with many others apart of Extra Life) will be gaming for 24 hours straight from 8 AM (starting from each of our respective members’ timezones) Saturday until 8 AM Sunday - October 26. Before then, we are looking for a monthly pledge or a one-time donation that’ll go directly to each member’s chosen children’s hospital.

Your donation is tax-deductible (if any of you nobles out there are worried), and ALL OF THE PROCEEDS will go to help the kids.
If you can’t donate? That’s perfectly fine. We just ask that you spread the word to others. Or even better - participate with us! Join us. Join our team, or join us in game! Watch our Twitch TV links - which will be on the site. Play games with us even and keep us up on that day.

Any little bit helps, and we can’t do this without your help.

Please visit our team page here for more information.
~> <~

On behalf of the Seraph, the Peacemakers, of all the Orders of Tyria, and everyone else,

Thank you for taking on this quest.

The kids appreciate it!

( If you’d like to donate to any of us directly, please check out my personal donation link or my guild mate’s donation link! )

Extra Life 2014: Raffle for donations!


Hiya everyone. I’m part of Team Trion Worlds 2014.

I’ll primarily be streaming Archeage with Corey over multiple days (the 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th, for six hours each day, beginning around 12 pm PST/3 pm EST). I may stream other games (and if you’re crazy enough to donate $50, I’ll stream any game of your choice for an hour, even if it’s something I’d otherwise never touch, like horror games, but do try to have mercy on me haha).

All funds raised go directly to the Cook Children’s Hospital, which is the Children’s Miracle Network hospital I chose to raise donations for. To help drum up some donations, I’ve decided to run a raffle.

Anyone who donates at least $5 USD to my donation page is eligible to win either:

1. An APEX in Archeage ($10 value) or

2. An item (or items) of your choice from the Guild Wars 2 gem store equal to 800 gems ($10 value) or

3. If you don’t play either of those games, you are welcome to tell me one that you do play and I will send $10 of the premium currency of that game to you (or items, in the case of games like TERA and GW2!).

For every $100 I raise, I’ll raffle off another APEX (or item/currency of your choosing), up to $500 (five APEX maximum; sorry guys! I only have so much money myself, haha).

Click Finn to go to my fundraiser page!



1. You must donate $5 to my Extra Life fundraising page. You can click the cute kitty above or click here to go there.

2. Include your preference of item, and character/server name. I won’t be able to send you your prize without this! Alternatively, you can give your tumblr URL if you prefer. This must be done in your donation, not over tumblr, otherwise I won’t know if you actually donated.

3. I will draw names on October 29th, following my last stream.

4. Unrelated to the raffle, I will play any game of your choice for an hour for a donation of $50. If it’s multiplayer, Corey may possibly be dragged into it, but that’s entirely up to him.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here at this account!

ok I will stop shoving my shit in your face now
but look at all that Alween and that’s not even all the Alween

yet another masterpiece
and yes I named a trico George, fite me

How about an Asura sleeping in his/her lab?

drawings Asuras is so much effort for me le
not really, only kinda

the true purpose of that cloth thingy is to carry Yam
and hide things she steals


"It all makes sense!" Romana realized as the swamp mists got to her head.

Got my third character to 80! I’m thinking Ranger next, but… Let’s gear up this scoundrel first!


Today I learned that Ascalonian Archers have awful pickup lines.



Look at me.


Aenide is getting into the Mad King’s Festival too!