Alween stole the tricos



Who invited this goblin.

drawing Alween’s hair is fun and all until you have to shade it



free black lion key in the gem store today

mmmm yass can’t wait to get a repair cannister, crafting booster and a box’o’fun

i like how some people bug me to post something
but when I do post that something they don’t give a shit


dumb nerd alert weeoooweeeoooo

So wait, you're an nsfw blog?



The blessings of the gods are actually insults:

  • May Dwayna bless you =
    You horrible monster

  • May Grenth shield you =
    Drop dead

  • May Balthazar strengthen you =
    Weak-ass punk

  • May Melandru guide you =
    You’re a piece of trash

  • May Lyssa aid you =
    Your face is a mess

  • May Kormir enlighten you =
    Stupid idiot

Obviously I’m not good at insults - anyone has some better ideas?

I think “May Kormir enlighten you” doesn’t need a translation. Basically if you are told that you are the lowest of low.


Pro Tip (Maybe?):

Type in “I am Evon Gnashblade” (without quotations) in the Trading Post to compress the trade list for perhaps easier navigation. Share if you like the tip!

did anybody say butts because I’ve been drawing butts
for practice obviously
this was actually “inspirated” by a thing I can’t find but w/e


Work in Progress, also good excuse to draw cats

ᴛʜᴇ ғɪɴᴀʟ ᴅᴀᴡɴ


SAB minis with bobblehead potion give me life




So this thief soloed me and lost and then he pm’d me. I didn’t reply, but the next time I saw him, he was with 2 other reds. So I couldn’t solo him. The next time he was alone, I did solo him and he died and pm’d me again. 

I just wanted to tell him that i’m a condi ranger. 

They always block after they trash talk, such brave souls.

lel wtf

fieryrush replied to your photo:sO ARE YOU GUYS GONNA LET ME REST IN PEACE NOW  at…

how many porn blogs followed u because you tagged this nsfw?

surprisingly, none


One day I’ll do a better more detailed version, but here’s me playing around with Cavyn’s armor designs.  Click on pic for captions.